Rivella Brand, Label & Bottle Design

Rivella has been a part of the fabric of swiss culture for more than 60 years. But, a lot has changed since its founding in 1952 — the people, the culture, the competition. The brand found itself associated with a rural, traditional switzerland and feeling too generic. We immersed ourselves in the world of Rivella at its Rothrist headquarters in Switzerland, spending time with the founding family, employees and customers to understand the opportunity. Inspired by Rivella’s Swiss heritage, unique flavor and association with active living, we created a new logo and brand expression that is dynamic, swiss modern and bold. To strengthen brand unity, recognition and shelf presence, we eliminated the sub-brand CLIQ, and used color and graphics to signal flavor variations across the portfolio. We were able to incorporate active grip lines on the bottle that reflect and join the graphic expression on the label. This created a holistic feel and unified the product and brand experience.

Branding, Creative Direction, Packaging

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