ORI: Effortless Transformable Interiors

Ori enables effortless transformation of interior spaces by using a robotic system that adapts to your environment. The Ori system expands to create living, working and entertainment spaces. Ori's promise is to liberate urban design, provide new user experiences, and unlock the potential of the places we increasingly want to live, work and play. The robotic technologies come out of MIT Media Lab's CityHome project, focused on utilizing technology to respond to the challenges of global urbanization. The product has a block-like physical form which opens and expands, much like origami unfolds. Ori's name was derived from “origami,” the Japanese art of folding paper to create beautiful and remarkable objects. The etymology of Ori felt magical and helped to describe the effortless act to create or hide space, just like the product. Being a startup, Ori had a limited budget, but great needs in order to tell its story in a meaningful way. This meant all-hands-on-deck. We worked closely with Hasier to create a full experience that captured the essence of Ori, its magic and the lifestyle it would support. It was a very fulfilling project as I was able to create everything from naming, branding, and identity to taking photography, storyboarding, and art directing videography. The Ori launch was a success due to great collaboration with Hasier and his team.

Branding, Graphic Design, Photography

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