Wesburger 'N' More

Wes Burger ‘N’ More started out as a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco. After two successful years, he opened his own restaurant in the popular Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. While the actual restaurant was still in concept stage, I started working with Wes to define his brand identity, character and collateral. His restaurant offers a full menu, featuring diner-style burgers, shakes and tater tots; all set in a family friendly atmosphere. The Wes Burger vision is to be the number one destination for high-quality, diner-style burgers in San Francisco. Based on the vision, I created a mission and a set of values to represent a fun, quirky, can-do attitude while keeping the quality of the product and a deep love for burgers at the forefront. The brand is reminiscent of Wes’s personality, which is welcoming, charismatic and playful. It also mirrors the character of the food; classic diner style burgers made with unique combinations of top-quality ingredients.

Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging

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