SodaStream Mix

MIX is the first SodaStream machine to be connected to the cloud, with a touch screen that lets you peruse recipes and perfectly customize your beverage. The machine has an on-device interface that syncs up to an app that allows custom cocktail recipes and a place for social gathering. The Alchemy Lounge event was centered around the crossing of the traditional bar and a sense of the futuristic; everything from the white laboratory jumpsuits worn by the mixologists to the copper laced invitations were designed to shift classic bar themes into the future. As the physical space of the lounge utilizes strong elements of copper, and a dark, moody aesthetic, we’ve transcended these themes into the brand assets for the space: invitations, menus, posters, and interior graphics, etc. Ultimately, each element of the space and encompassing brand were fluidly designed to create a sophisticated, and completely unique experience.

Creative Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

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