Miller Chill

To relaunch Miller Chill, the brand needed a refreshing look and a compelling voice. I worked with a copywriter to create the voice for Miller Chill. Through watercolor experimentation and hand-drawn typography I came up with an authentic look that felt both rooted and honest for the chill brand. After drawing the typography we worked with a team of CGI artists to achieve a life-like fresh water feel. A life-size spin-the-bottle game was created for in-store and on-premise signage and displays. It allowed people to interact with the brand and it's provocative new identity. A downloadable app spun up creative cocktails mixed with Miller Chill for on-the-go recipes. On-premise coasters gave drinkers an opportunity to engage with others with a Chill-inspired Truth or Dare game and instructions.

Advertising, Art Direction, Typography

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