Our challenge was to create holistic design language not only for the brand, but also for the products themselves. We integrated the product design into the logo, a symmetrical yellow leaf, showing simplicity and perfection. The color evokes the sense of euphoria you feel when the leaves change color in the fall. The leaf shape also becomes the foundation of the corresponding Edyn app, building brand equity through digital touch points as well. The package design for Edyn is meant to directly parallel in context its use case; the inner box, its natural cardboard with patterned Edyn logos, becomes the soil in which the sensor is held. The outer box also alludes to the value proposition of the product by showcasing an abstract beautiful garden - this also acts as a color block on the shelf for visual clarity. The holistic design language between product and brand creates a cohesive experience between the physical, the organic, and the digital world.

Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction

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